Temporary Traffic Management: Going the Extra Mile for our customers


Traffic Safe NZ Limited is a subcontractor providing temporary traffic management for Higgins on its NOC sites around the Manawatu-Whanganui network. Higgins has a customer is number one focus and it was through these customers that Cameron Strongman and his exceptional customer service came to our attention.

Higgins Contractors Ltd – How one man can make a difference

From left to right: Jonathon Doggett of Higgin Contractors, Cameron Strongman and Karl Hitchcock from Traffic Safe NZ

This entry showed you don’t have to have a lot of technology and innovation to be a customer champion – it’s about doing things simple and well. It showed great community engagement and brought a warm human element to the work we do for customers. Over 3,400 likes, 905 shares and over 300 comments on a Facebook post specifically thanking Cameron for his great attitude towards customers can’t be wrong!

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