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Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy

Traffic Safe New Zealand (TSNZ) and all its related entities is committed to protecting the personal information you entrust to us and ensuring its obligations under the Privacy Act 2020 are met.
As part of our commitment to remain open and transparent in the way we manage your personal information, we have prepared this Privacy Policy that explains the way in which we collect, hold, use, and disclose your personal information.

This Privacy Policy, which should be read in conjunction with New Zealand Information Privacy Principles, sets out:

  • The kinds of personal information we collect from you.
  • How we collect and hold personal information.
  • Why we collect, hold, use, and disclose your personal information.
  • How you can access the personal information that we hold about you, and how you can correct that information if required; and
  • Whether we are likely to disclose your personal information to any overseas recipients and if so, the countries in which those recipients are likely to be located.

What types of personal info do we collect and hold?

The type of personal information we collect, and hold varies depending on the kind of dealings we have with you. Below are some examples of the types of personal information that we will collect from you in certain situations.

Video surveillance and audio recording:

For regulatory, security and insurance reasons, we have a number of surveillance cameras monitoring our properties and company vehicles. These cameras monitor and record activity both on and in the surrounding areas of our premises, vehicles, and work sites. In certain circumstances, we will retain surveillance footage, which may include images, audio, and video records of you. TSNZ may also use photographs collected by TSNZ for the purpose of identifying persons of interest who are subject to an exclusion or barring order, including uploading photographs into TSNZ intranet.

Training and TMP bookings and requests

When you make an enquiry or booking for our TC/STMS training or a TMP, we will ask you to provide us with personal information, including your name and contact details (such as a mobile number and email address). This information is collected and held by us so that we can identify you and contact you if required.

Newsletter Subscription

When you sign up to receive our Newsletter, we will ask you to provide us with personal information such as your name, date of birth, residential address and contact details.

How do we collect your personal info?

Your personal information is collected by us in a variety of ways. In most cases, and whenever possible, we will try to collect any personal information directly from you. However, in some circumstances, we may collect personal information from third parties that you have authorised to provide information to us, or that you are required to provide such information in accordance with the law.

Some of the ways in which we collect personal information about you is when you:

  • Register to receive our newsletters or marketing materials.
  • Visit our properties or work sites.
  • Enter into our competitions or promotions.
  • Visit our website.
  • Make a training or TMP booking.
  • Apply for a job with us – including your CV, academic transcripts, interview notes, reference information and test results.
  • Arising out of background or employment check or an employment reference (with your prior consent). We may disclose the information
  • you supply to us to your referees.
  • Conduct a transaction which requires us to obtain personal information.
  • Complete one of our surveys; or
  • Otherwise, interact with us.

In certain circumstances, we will also collect personal information from third parties, including:

  • Booking agents who liaise with us to make bookings for goods, services and facilities on your behalf.
  • Third parties that run competitions and promotions for which we may be a sponsor or participant.
  • Third parties that provide services from within our properties.
  • Regulatory authorities.
  • Google analytics.
  • Social media databases (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram).
  • Recruitment agencies and/or recruitment software providers through whom you have applied for a role at TSNZ.
  • Temporary Staffing agencies who have supplied temporary staff.
  • Other entities connected to TSNZ.

We may also collect personal information via your computer through the use of cookies. Cookies are small data files which identify your computer after it visits a website for the first time. The information collected can include your internet protocol (IP) address, domain name, internet service provider and general online behaviour (such as the content, images and advertisements you select). Your internet browser will have an option to disable cookies, however doing so may limit the goods or services we are able to offer you.

How do we hold your personal information?

Your personal information is securely stored in our on-site databases and through cloud-based storage, some of which is managed by external services providers. Only certain authorised staff can access your personal information and these staff members (as well as our external providers) are required to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information at all times. Direct access to databases is restricted to ensure your data remains secure and protected, and we use all reasonable means to protect your personal information securely against unauthorised use and access.

For what purpose do we collect, hold, use, and disclose your personal information?

The purpose for which we collect, hold, use, and disclose your personal information depends on how and why that information was originally gathered by use from you. We will not collect, hold, use, or disclose your personal information other than for the purpose for which it was collected, for a purpose which is reasonably apparent at the time we collect it, or as otherwise required or specifically permitted by law. Your personal information may be collected, held, used, or disclosed for various purposes, including the following:

The provision of goods or services

We will often use your personal information when providing you with specific goods or services. This may be to verify your identity following certain requests (such as confirming a booking or processing a payment) as well as offering you other supporting services. In some situations, your information may be disclosed to our contractors and service providers, but only to the extent necessary to operate our business or provide you with the product or service you have requested.


In certain circumstances, the personal information we collect from you will be used in our marketing campaigns and for the purpose of marketing our business. This includes, but is not limited to, sending you tailored newsletters, promotions, and updates that you have opted to receive via post, email, or mobile device. Any marketing material sent to you by us will include the ability for you to opt-out of receiving any future marketing material if you choose to do so.
We may also use a range of services offered by third parties such as Facebook and Google to generate reports on visitation data and other marketing trends which will help us deliver you tailored internet-based advertisements that are better suited to your interests.


Your personal details will be collected and held by us when you participate in any promotions or competitions that we hold. These details are required both for identification purposes, so that you can claim your prize, and so that we can contact you in the event that you have won a prize. Please be aware that if you have opted out of receiving marketing material, but have won a prize in a competition, we will still contact you.


  • Conducting background and employment checks.
  • Administering recruitment processes including for use by potential hiring managers and our HR team for the purpose of establishing
  • Your suitability, eligibility and qualifications for potential employment with TSNZ.
  • Managing your employment and your employment relationship.
  • Statistical analysis (and related reporting)

If you accept employment with TSNZ, your information will become part of TSNZ’s employee records, to be held in accordance with all applicable laws, the terms of your employment and TSNZ policies (as may be amended from time to time) for the purposes set out above.

TSNZ may from time to time adopt different record-keeping and information access systems (such as human resources databases and web-based intranet systems), which may involve transfer, disclosure and processing of employees’ personal information between different jurisdictions, companies, business units and representatives within TSNZ.

Law enforcement and Regulatory Bodies

As with any business in New Zealand some of our activities are monitored by law enforcement and regulatory bodies, including, but not limited to Immigration New Zealand, Inland Revenue, New Zealand Transport Authority, Worksafe and Police. Your personal information may be collected, held, and disclosed by us to such organisations as required or authorised by law. Your information may also be disclosed to other New Zealand fraud checking agencies and credit reference agencies for the purpose of carrying out verifications and credit checks.

Video Surveillance and audio recording

For regulatory and security reasons, we have a number of surveillance cameras active throughout our premises and vehicles. In certain circumstances, we will retain surveillance footage, which may include image, audio, and video recordings of you. Retained surveillance footage may be supplied to TSNZ’s regulators and/or government agencies where required and/or permitted by law. Where not required for compliance with any applicable legislation or regulation, footage will be deleted with a reasonable timeframe after collection.

How can you access and, if necessary, change or correct your personal information?

You may request details of the personal information that we hold about you. This can be done by submitting a Privacy Act Request Form and appropriate identification – either in person at one of our premises or electronically to In most cases, we will provide you with access to your personal information within 20 working days, and you will have the opportunity to correct or update the information needed.

If we are unable to provide you with access to your personal information, we will explain the reason for this. If you are not satisfied with our response to any request for details of your personal information, you may contact our People and Capabilities Manager or the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

Are we likely to disclose your personal information to overseas recipients?

Your personal information may be disclosed to overseas organisations, but only for specific purposes. These purposes may include identity and credit checks, bookings, personal requests by you, and for some competitions or promotions you may have won. We may also disclose your personal information to overseas entities that assist us in the provision of our services.

We take all reasonable steps to ensure that any overseas recipients do not breach any of the obligations imposed under the Information Privacy Principles in relation to the personal information we disclose to them.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. All changes will be notified by posting an updated version of the Privacy Policy on our website. Please regularly check our website to stay up to date on any changes made.

Further Information

For more information about privacy issues and the protection of privacy, visit the Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s website at

A copy of the Privacy Act 2020 and the Information Privacy Principles can be accessed here.

For more information about how Google Analytics works please click here.

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