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TTM-Worker / TMO

North Auckland, Waikato, Manawatu, Whanganui, Taranaki, South Auckland, Te Awamutu
Job Number: 
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Job Description

A TTM worker/ TMO assists with temporary traffic management under direction of the STMS, such as installing, maintaining, and removing traffic management worksites, and operating Stop/Go paddles, portable traffic booms, or manually controlled portable traffic signals. If you are a qualified TTM Worker or TMO or think this an industry you would be interested in, and have full Class 1 Driver’s Licence, then apply now.
To qualify for this role, you need to be double vaccinated and provide your vaccination passport.

Job Number: 2/1 Job Reference: North Auckland

Job Number: 4/3 Job Reference: Waikato

Job Number: 7/1 Job Reference: Manawatu

Job Number: 6/1 Job Reference: Whanganui

Job Number: 5/1 Job Reference: Taranaki

Job Number: 3/1 Job Reference: South Auckland

Job Number: 4/2 Job Reference: Te Awamutu