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  • NZTA approved manual or vehicle activated traffic lights.
  • Worksite, Sport and Concert Outdoor Lighting Towers.
International Safety Products NZ Limited offers a wide range of Portable Traffic Management Equipment for temporary traffic control. Portable traffic light systems are state of the art, can be supplied in various configurations for a wide range of applications and are in use in many European countries and the USA.

The MPB 4000 Vehicle Activated Traffic Light for single lane control, T-junctions and cross roads is ideally suited for construction sites with high traffic volumes.

These units are equipped with;

  • Up to 16 different frequencies to eliminate interference from other radio transmitters.
  • A built in Quartz Mode allows operation of this unit even in case of radio transmission failure.
  • Available as Halogen or in a highly visible LED’s.

Compact Controller from the MPB4000 (including the Radar Sensors & Radio Transmitters) can be supplied separately.

MPB 1400 Quartz Controlled Traffic Signalis our latest addition. A low cost portable traffic management device is also equipped with either halogen or LED lights, and can be used for single lane, T-junctions or cross roads. To provide long operating times without bulky generators or solar panels, MPB1400 uses the latest in portable lighting and battery technology

Our Available Products

  • MPB 1400 Mobile Traffic Signal System
    An incredibly low-priced mobile solution for construction site safety.
  • MPB 4000 Portable Traffic Lights
    Vehicle Activated Portable Traffic Lights.
  • Programmer
    All you need to program the MPB 4000.
  • Remote
    Control the MBP 4000 remotely.
  • SMS Fault Monitoring System
    Enables your MPB 4000 to relay fault messages to your cell phone or fax machine.
  • Radar Detector
    Detects oncoming traffic and controls the green time extension for smoother traffic flow.

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