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  • NZTA approved manual or vehicle activated traffic lights.
  • Worksite, Sport and Concert Outdoor Lighting Towers.
TrafficeSafe offers a wide range of Portable Traffic Management Equipment for temporary traffic control. Portable traffic light systems are state of the art, can be supplied in various configurations for a wide range of applications and are in use in many European countries and the USA as well as New Zealand and Australia.

The MPB 4000 Vehicle Activated Traffic Light for single-lane control, T-junctions and crossroads is also ideally suited for construction sites with high traffic volumes.

These units are equipped with;

  • Up to 16 different frequencies to eliminate interference from other radio transmitters.
  • A built-in Quartz Mode allows operation of this unit even in case of radio transmission failure.
  • Available as Halogen or in a highly visible LED’s.

Compact Controllers from the MPB4000 (including the Radar Sensors & Radio Transmitters) can be supplied separately.

MPB 1400 Quartz Controlled Traffic Signal is our latest addition. A low-cost portable traffic management device is also equipped with either halogen or LED lights, and can be used for single-lane, T-junctions or crossroads. To provide long operating times without bulky generators or solar panels, MPB1400 uses the latest in portable lighting and battery technology

Our Available Products

  • MPB 1400 Mobile Traffic Signal System
    An incredibly low-priced mobile solution for construction site safety.
  • MPB 4000 Portable Traffic Lights
    Vehicle Activated Portable Traffic Lights.
  • Programmer
    All you need to program the MPB 4000.
  • Remote
    Control the MBP 4000 remotely.
  • SMS Fault Monitoring System
    Enables your MPB 4000 to relay fault messages to your cell phone or fax machine.
  • Radar Detector
    Detects oncoming traffic and controls the green time extension for smoother traffic flow.

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