Traffic Management Plans

From small footpath closures through to State Highway and
Motorway lane closures, we’ve got you covered.

TMP Design, Approval and Management

Our planning and design team are all experienced Level 2-3 STMS-NP with both practical and theoretical knowledge of temporary traffic management. Our powerful Traffic Management Plan software helps us provide you with ‘no fuss’ site-specific TMP applications, even for complex sites.

We take care of all your Traffic Management Plans and approvals, and we’ll also look after all your legal, contractual and on-site temporary traffic control requirements.

Need a TMP?

We pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective traffic management solutions without compromising safety.
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What is a TMP?

A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is a document that details how a safe environment will be created for all road users while work or activity takes place on the roading corridor (road, footpath or berm)

It includes the work programme, how public and contractor safety is ensured, the public notification process and any contingency planning.

When do you need a TMP?

Any work that alters the normal operating conditions of a road requires a TMP, such as:

  • excavating the roadway
  • temporary road closure for an event
  • obstruction of footpaths eg for signwriting, window cleaning, painting etc.

Emergency works such as tree clearing, burst water lines, gas leaks, electricity, and telecommunications faults are urgent and prior approval from local council/s is not required.