Traffic Management

Whether it’s traffic management using a multi-lane drop on a motorway or basic low-cost shoulder closures on local roads, we provide prompt and professional temporary traffic management.

We can take care of all your Traffic Management Plans and approvals, and we’ll look after all your legal, contractual and on-site temporary traffic control requirements.

Traffic Safe NZ is proactive, customer focused and works collaboratively with you to provide safe, cost-effective solutions.

Our People

We work as a united team to give our clients the highest quality service available. Let’s work together.

Traffic Safe NZ is committed to providing the highest standard of training and development possible for our employees and subcontractors to ensure that they are able to operate within a safe environment.

Through our structured approach to induction, training and assessment, we ensure that everyone at Traffic Safe NZ is aware of their rights and responsibilities when working on the road.

Our Capacity

Our large fleet includes purpose-built multi-level, attenuated and specialist traffic calming vehicles. All vehicles have safety mechanisms installed, ensuring everyone on the job is able to get home safely every day.

  • Full fall-restraint systems
  • 4-camera truck surveillance system
  • Folding steps
  • Hydration and hygiene stations
  • GPS tracking
  • Fire Extinguishers and first aid kits
  • Hazard panels and amber beacon light bars

We have our own equipment in order to protect your workspace, deliver projects on time and keep people safe.


If you’re looking for a streamlined, one-stop-shop solution – look no further – we provide all scopes of work inhouse using the latest technology.

Looking for a Traffic Management Solution?

We pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective traffic management solutions without compromising safety.
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