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We’ve achieved a SiteWise Green Certification of 88%!

Achieving a 2023/2024 SiteWise Green Certification with a 88% assessment score is a real milestone for Traffic Safe NZ

Traffic Safe NZ are very excited to have achieved a Green status with an assessment score of 88% for 2023/2024!  

What is a green certificate?
Achieving the SiteWise Green certification is a real milestone for Traffic Safe NZ, as it means we have demonstrated and evidenced that we have quality health and safety systems in place. Our improvements on all our health and safety processes; the new system implementation and how we're actually managing safety has become apparent. Being listed as a green business on the SiteWise database which is visible to all principal organisations using SiteWise as their prequalification tool, is validation of our work too.

In chatting with Sandra Staub, Traffic Safe NZ Health & Safety Manager, she was very pleased with the outcome, saying, “The fact that we've hit 88 is an amazing feat. Anywhere in the 80s to 90s, shows that you have a sound health and safety management system and capability.”

According to Sandra, “a score of 88% and a green certificate is the highest level we've achieved since 2018. This result speaks to our safety journey, and the change in our DNA. Basically, it's a that we're on the right pathway to improving safety, and it’s been recognised by external partners; this is amazing for us.”

In asking Sandra what’s next for our safety journey, she explains that “the learnings we take from this assessment include opportunities for further improvement, the different levels within SiteWise annual accreditation, and continuously striving for best practice.”

Our new program is suitable for our traffic management crews out on the road. Its accessible and a user-friendly tool, and the program has shown impressive buy-in.
Sandra has found the implantation of our new tools very rewarding, saying “The team are inspired, and they feel empowered because they're actually recording, reporting and they know it’s going to be taken care of. Every day I see an incident reported and the team being really excited about the system. We have buy-in, and we definitely have engagement. That's what I liked about it.

So, while we're focusing on driving the number of incidents they're reporting, and they're growing in confidence with doing that, we can start working on the quality of reporting and how we're feeding that information back to our team.

The dissemination method we are using is through our roadshows and discussing the learnings. Causation and learnings are what we're sharing with all the teams. We want to start improving this process further by feeding the data directly back to those team members who are reporting.

The end-goal of engagement is that a TTM Worker or an STMS who's on the road, comes across an incident, and they report it. Someone from safety or operations is notified and they will comeback to them to say, “Great job”.

This is what we’re aiming for, changing, implementing, and closing that loop of engagement – the ultimate goal of safety!”

Sandra credits the greater team for the support and uptake in making this result possible. She says, “It demonstrates that the systems we are putting in place are effective, and we look forward to maintaining our result through continuous improvement.”

Traffic Safe NZ achieve an 88% SiteWise Green Certification!
Traffic Safe NZ achieve an 88% SiteWise Green Certification in 2023!

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