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Plans (TMP)

Our large TTM Planning Team are all Waka Kotahi qualified and include experienced Level 2-3 STMS-NP with practical and theoretical knowledge of temporary traffic management.

What is a TMP?
Creating a safe environment for your worksite, staff and motorists

 A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is developed by a NZTA Qualified TTM Planner and describes all the co-ordinated measures that detail how a safe environment will be created for all road users while work or activity takes place on the roading corridor (road, footpath, or berm) to ensure everyone gets home safe everyday. 

Coordinated Safety Measures

The TMP starts with how all road users (contractors, motorists, pedestrians) can safely use the road during the planned works. The Risk Assessment outlines all impacts, responsibilities, and mitigation management.

Some of the impacts include:

  • PCBU Duty of care
  • Type of work
  • Plant and machinery involved
  • Road category
  • Environmental factors (multi-lane / traffic lights / schools / etc)
  • Work duration (+1 day = arrange for overnight / unattended closures.
  • Contingency planning
Traffic Management Diagram (TMD)

The TMD is the site-specific geometric drawing detailing the physical layout of the site, the temporary traffic management (TTM) equipment around the worksite using the risk assessment information. 

A generic TMP may be used for work that is repetitive but must still be RCA approved for use with the TMP.

Compliance (Approvals)

Specific guidelines set by Waka Kotaki NZTA under the CoPTTM (Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management) and that align with local RCA’s underscore TTM.  Compliance also includes: 

  • Approvals for bus stops or restricted parking removal if affected by work or activity 
  • Authorisation to work around permanent traffic signals 
  • Barrier Designs (if required) 
  • Road Closure notifications 
The TMP Documentation

The TMP is used by many audiences, so it includes all the components of all aspects, impacts, mitigating factors and considerations:

  • Project overview and description 
  • Environment and Risk Assessment 
  • Contingency Plan 
  • TMP reference 
  • Contacts & PCBU’s 
  • TTM & TMD (Implementation) 
  • Notification process 
  • Maintenance (monitor & assurance) 
  • Uplifting of the temporary traffic management (TTM) 
our process

TMP Design, Approval
and Management

Our powerful Traffic Management Plan software helps us provide you with ‘no fuss’ site-specific TMP applications, even for complex sites.  We can also utilize comprehensive pre-approved generic TMP’s to reduce planning costs and increase efficiency.

Design & Planning

Our TTM Planner’s can prepare and submit comprehensive TMP’s extremely fast, using our unique state-of-the-art software, and our highly efficient purpose-built vehicles, we can deploy and retrieve sites very quickly.

Council Approvals

We’re experts in creating Traffic Management Plans (TMP), and manage the approvals process with Regional Councils and transport organisations.

On Site Management

Efficiently communicating warnings and directions to motorists so everyone can navigate the disruptions safely. We work closely with your Project Managers to establish and understand all required activities.

do you need a TMP?
From small footpath closures through to motorway lanes

Any work that alters the normal operating conditions of any part of the road corridor requires a Traffic Management Plan. You need a TMP if you are:

Emergency works such as burst water lines, gas leaks, electricity, telecommunications faults and tree clearing, are urgent and prior approval from local council/s is not required. 

Do you need a TMP?

Your work could affect road useage if you are one of the following:

  • Arborist or Forestry contractor
  • Roading Contractor
  • Civil Project Manager
  • Construction Engineer
  • Emergency response teams
  • Private residential projects

Your work could affect road usage if you are in the following roles:

How can I get a Traffic Management Plan?

Yes! As experts in creating TMP's, you are in good hands. Collate your Traffic Management Plan details including work location, work dates, work activity, work contractor/s and provider/s into our easy form.

What our clients say

Not only have they delivered and implemented a solid Traffic Management Plan, but have also assisted in other areas outside their normal scope to help us ensure a safe and pleasant experience.

Lance C
Tour Manager

Thank you to the team at Traffic Safe who were on point, consistent, reliable, on time and performed thorough set ups in a timely manner keeping my team safe and the public safe with clear directives.

David A
Water Cutting Operations Manager, Intergroup

You guys were amazing! The rapid and professional service you provided pre-shoot, during the shoot and post-shoot was a breath of fresh air. Talk about going the extra mile ….you went even further!

Eve M
Event Coordinator
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