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Your Traffic Management Partner

Ensuring your worksite, staff and motorists stay safe and compliant.

A trusted name in traffic management for over 10 years
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Ensuring your worksite, staff and motorists stay safe and compliant

We are 100% NZ owned and operated, fully accredited and aim to ensure the highest level of safety for our employees, customers and the community.

Compliant and
Safe TTM Plans

From site specific plans to generic TMP's for utility services or short duration work sites.

Certified and
Experienced Staff

Structured inductions and training ensure our staff are certified, experienced and capable.

Site Reporting and

Weekly site audits, drug testing and emergency response teams for accidents and call outs.

Quality, Expertise
and Capability

The latest in equipment and technology to support our health and safety culture.

If work is happening on or near a road, a traffic management plan is required for the TM workA Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is describes all the coordinated measures of how a safe environment will be created for all road users while work or activity takes place on the roading corridor
It all starts with a Temporary Traffic Management Plan

If your job is on or near a road, you will need a TMP approved by your Road Controlling Authority (RCA). We can provide approved site-specific or generic TMP's for complex sites, events, small one-off jobs or tender drawings.

What our clients say

"Our works are now completed, please close the CAR. A TMP job well done. Thanks for your help on this and the onsite TTM was fantastic."

Project Engineer, McMillan Drilling

“Your Palmy team did an absolutely awesome job helping us set up and manage TTM. The team were very helpful, and especially for being so “on to it” in sorting out a few curve balls on the day. This is my nomination for team of the month at Traffic Safe NZ!! Thanks Traffic Safe for another Rally TTM job well done!!”

Chief Safety Officer, Daybreaker Rally

"With tonight being our last night in Taranaki, I just wanted to pass my thanks on to the Traffic Safe NZ guys. It takes a lot to impress me from a traffic management team but RJ, Zak and the guys and girls have been absolutely brilliant. Confident staff that are on the ball and have done the hard yards to help ensure we got the ATP work done. Reilly, thanks for making this happen and pass on my thanks to all the crew once again, with the professionalism your crews have shown I hope that moving forward, we can utilise your staff to deliver more of our work."

Roadmarking Supervisor at Downer

“Brent and the team have continued to deliver exactly what I require to achieve my goals. The way the TM has been handled on Kelly St is second to none. We received amazing feedback from a local community chairperson, on how we've handled the public in a respectful and professional manner. “

Construction Supervisor, Whitaker Civil

Thank you so much for your engagement during the induction. It is so rewarding to have an inductee that shows a real interest and participates in the toolbox conversation, even providing a wellness moment. You gave me confidence that I can rely on you to keep everyone safe on site, and I don’t get to say that too often. Thank you so much.

HSE Advisor, Liveable Streets

I have just had some staff return from an assessment completed by Jason Mead. The verbal feedback is that Jason was great to deal with, and had a wonderful coaching and mentoring nature about him. One person commented that they had learnt more today spending a few hours with Jason than what they had in the last few months! Thank you – thank you – thank you.

Traffic Manager, Higgins Contractors Ltd
Safety is a critical part of all Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) Safety is a critical part of all Temporary Traffic Management (TTM)
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